The Best Speech Society

Is a non-profit organization registered under no. 7998/2010. It aims to disseminate the true image of Islam in many languages to create a positive image of Islam as a religion, culture, history and civilization.

What We Do?

The Best of Speech is a propagation society registered under the number 7998 in 2010. BSS is a non-profit society and seeks to spread Islam, its culture and civilization to the world in different languages in order to build a true and positive image regarding Islam as a Deen (religion), historically, culturally and morally.
Therefore, we work to:
* Translate books, booklets and brochures about Islam in different languages; on topics such as the teachings of Islam, beliefs and Shariah whilst responding to mistrustful issues.
* Print books on Islam in different languages, produce CDs, and provide a free distribution service for books to the following:
* Non-Muslims who desire to learn about Islam.
* Non-Muslims who visit or work in Egypt, and to broaden the call to include all tourist areas in Egypt.
* Converts to Islam and Muslim minorities worldwide.
* Mosques and Islamic centers around the world.

Contact Us

Zahraa Madinet Nasr, Cairo, Egypt